Bella Dolce Maltese

Bella Dolce Maltese Health Guarantee and Contract

Breeder and Buyer agree to the following terms and conditions:

Breeder represents that the puppy has no known disease or illness, and has no known congenital or hereditary conditions that would adversely affect the health of the puppy at the time of sale or that is likely to adversely affect the health of the puppy in the future.  Buyer agrees to follow all terms of the Limited Health Guaranty provided with this Contract.

Buyer is solely responsible for payment of veterinarian fees for examinations, vaccinations, x-rays, or any other medical treatments for the puppy as well as training and care, from the time Buyer removes puppy from Breeder’s residence. Buyer must provide Veterinary records and proof of diagnosis from a licensed & qualified veterinarian to breeder with any health concern. Records must be in pdf form or written and mailed in. Records must show Veterinary office name and Veterinarian name and license number._____________________(initials)

Buyer agrees to neutering any male puppy between the ages of 4-5 months and no later than 6 months.___________________________________________________________(Buyers signature)

Buyer agrees to spay any female puppy no earlier than 10 months and no later than 12 months of age. ______________________________________________________________ (Buyers signature)

Buyer has no intact dogs at their home. _________________________________ (Buyers Signature)

Buyer agrees that no accidental breeding’s shall occur prior to their puppy’s scheduled spay/neuter. Buyer agrees that voiding this agreement legally allows breeder to remove puppy from buyers home and no refunds shall be given.______________________________________________________(Buyers signature)

Buyer agrees to never use a retractable or flexi-lead with their Maltese puppy. Buyer agrees to not take their Maltese puppy to an off leash dog park. __________________________________( initials).

Puppy shall NEVER be allowed to play with large breed or adult dogs of a larger size. Puppy must always be supervised when around children, other pets, water and outside predators. Breeder is NOT responsible for accidents incured by other family pets, children, stairs, steps, water or predators. ___________(initials)

The puppy is not to be left alone for long periods of time (ie. longer than a normal work day), chained, tethered or ever left outside unattended. Puppy shall never “LIVE” in a crate. Crate training is acceptable with frequent breaks, but should never be an “all day & all night” lifestyle. Use of an exercise pen (x-pen, pet pen or puppy pen) is acceptable. ______________ (initials)

Deposits are non-refundable unless your puppy dies in our care prior to pick up date.  In case of puppy’s death, Buyer would have the choice to apply deposit toward purchase of another puppy if one is available, or have deposit returned, which option shall be exercised within seven days of notice of the death.

Buyer agrees that once the puppy is taken from the Breeder NO cash refunds will be given for any reason at any time.  There is a ‘no exchange’ policy as all sales are final.__________________________(initial)

Breeder will always accept a puppy/dog that can no longer be cared for no matter what the reason.  Buyer agrees that under no circumstances is this puppy to ever be resold, given away, “set free”, “dumped” or surrendered to an animal shelter, rescue, or humane society.  If Buyer is unable to care for the puppy for any reason, it shall be returned to the Breeder at the expense of the Buyer and no refund will be due Buyer except at the sole discretion of the Breeder. Any alteration of dog after purchase does affect any possible refund.

Stress of traveling, change in routine, and change of diet can cause loose stools.  Buyer is responsible to seek the advice of a Veterinarian if puppy should get diarrhea.

Maltese are considered a high maintenance breed and should be fed a quality food, groomed regularly and get yearly veterinary checks. The puppy should not be taken to a groomer until all vaccinations have been administered.  Maltese puppies are a high theft item and all care is to be taken to safeguard this puppy from being stolen. This puppy is never to left in a vehicle unattended for any length of time, no matter what season.

Since the word “rescue” carries connotations of miscare,” buyer shall refrain from using the term “rescue” when referring to purchase and placement of the above referenced puppy/dog. There will be a penalty of $1000 per instance if buyer refers to this puppy/dog in any public or private forum as a “rescue” or having been “rescued,” as such references are damaging to seller’s reputation. If any issues arise, buyer will contact seller privately to remedy. Any disputes shall be handled between buyer and seller privately and confidentially.  Neither party may make any social media posts or public forum posts disparaging the other party or otherwise discussing any issue between the parties. ________________ initials required

By signing this contract you are stating that you understand and agree to the terms. This contract is subject to the laws of the State of Arizona.  The parties submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and local courts for the State of Arizona, in Maricopa County. Any litigation arising from the sale of this puppy shall take place in Maricopa County, Arizona.  The parties will be responsible for their own attorneys’ fees and costs.

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Bella Dolce Maltese

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This puppy comes with full support and all Buyers are encouraged to call anytime with questions or concerns. Email updates and pictures are welcome and cherished. We love to share your stories & photo’s on our website Please indicate if we are authorized to post any photos & stories you send on our website.

__ Yes, please feel free to share our photos and stories online.

__ No, I prefer to keep my photos and stories private.

Additional instructions or agreements as follows:





Bella Dolce Maltese

Limited Health Guarantee

This limited health guarantee covers the replacement of your puppy only. Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary bills under any circumstances. Any violation to the contract makes it void and null.

To qualify for the Limited Health Guarantee, Buyer must have the puppy examined at their own expense, by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 48 hours of of the purchase date, during that time, puppy shall not be allowed to be around other dogs or to go in public. Any use of Banfield or Blue Pearl veterinary services or a Banfield/Blue Pearl related Vet voids this contract. Should the Buyer’s Veterinarian find our puppy “unfit” for sale upon this initial examination, Buyer may choose to have puppy replaced with a puppy of equal value, provided the puppy is returned, at Buyer’s expense, with a written statement and full, valid explanation from the diagnosing Veterinarian.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility to return the puppy immediately upon diagnosis and no later than 5 days from the pick-up date.  Buyer is responsible for all veterinary expenses, transportation and any expenses incurred between pick up date and return date.

Puppies are born with parasites.  Although puppy has been dewormed and treated with anti-parasitic treatment by the time of release of puppy to Buyer, Buyer is responsible to eliminate and prevent any and all future parasites.  

Breeder will not be responsible for the puppy becoming hypoglycemic. Buyer represents that it has read the Hypoglycemia information on and understands nthat hypoglycemia is preventable and must be prevented by the new owner. _______ (init.)

Vaccination records have been provided.  Some Veterinarians do not want to recognize vaccinations that were not given in their office and or under their care.  Allowing a Veterinarian to repeat these vaccinations may be detrimental to the health of your puppy.  If you allow your Veterinarian to repeat these vaccinations, it is understood that we will not be responsible for the health of the animal and health guarantee is void. Buyer represents that they have read the Over-vaccination information on _____ (init.)  

Buyer understands that over-vaccinating will void the health guarantee. Vaccinations should be as follows:

1.Puppy series. A series of 3 vaccinations consisting of DA2PP by the time the puppy is 16 weeks of age.

  1. A one year ‘booster’ of DA2PP from the date of the LAST puppy vaccine, not on its one year birthday.
  2. Vaccinating for rabies more than once in a 10 year period or vaccinating with DA2PP or other similar vaccine on a yearly schedule voids the health guarantee.

Buyer agrees to read all of the information provided by Breeder and to follow through with the instructions from Breeder and veterinarian.  ______________ (initials)

Breeder is not responsible for any associated charges, such as shipping, veterinarian fees, mental stress, low blood sugar, and internal or external parasites. This guarantee does not cover any minor flaws, or any minor condition that can be corrected by a veterinarian or by medication, nor does it apply to the size, color, or temperament of the puppy. 

Some dogs develop a cough as they age. This can be due to the collapse of tracheal rings (called a collapsed trachea). Neither this dog, nor its parents have ever exhibited symptoms. Breeder will only be responsible if Veterinarian diagnoses the condition as life threatening in the first year of life.

Breeder is not responsible for hernias of any kinds.

Breeder is not responsible for undescended testicles. Failure to properly neuter by 6 months of age due to undescended testicles will void contract, unless Veterinary proof is sent requesting a delayed neuter. Failure to spay or neuter your Maltese will void this contract and Buyer will be in breach of contract. If purchased puppy is ever bred or used for breeding, whether accidental or intentional, Buyer is subject to litigation.

Breeder is not responsible for underbites, overbites or incomplete dentition. Breeder highly recommends having baby canines removed in a timely manner (typically by 6-7 months of age)and Veterinary dental descaling done on a regular basis (typically every 12-24 months).

Breeder does not, guarantee breeding abilities, size, quality of show or the absence of faults of any kind for show prospects sold.

Patellas. Breeder does not guarantee against luxating patellas. A mild luxation can be problematic in toy breed dogs.  No breeding dogs at Bella Dolce Maltese have any patella problems or issues and have been vet checked. Going up & down stairs, jumping on/off furniture, dancing/standing on hind legs, running excessively or rambunctious play can all be damaging to patellas. Please use caution and common sense  and limit excessive patellar aggravation. _________________________ (initials). Buyer agrees to educate themselves about luxating patella’s on the OFA website.

Should the puppy be diagnosed with any congenital disorders within 1 year from DOB, by both Buyer’s and Breeder’s veterinarians, to seriously impact the quality of life, or require continuous medical surgeries throughout the course of the puppy’s life, a replacement puppy will be given to the Buyer once said puppy is returned. If no puppies are available at that time, Buyer understands he/she will have to wait until one becomes available. If the puppies condition is treatable, or can be corrected by medication or surgery, no replacement puppy will be given. Buyer understands that all breeding dogs at Bella Dolce Maltese have had their health screenings and DNA health tests done. Many health concerns involved in certain breeds cannot be screened for and are often times a ‘fluke’ in Mother Nature. Breeder can no way know or guarantee against ‘fluke” medical situations.

Buyer understands that under no circumstances will a cash refund be given for any reason at any time. All sales are final. If the puppy is returned, Buyer understands that all registration, microchip and vaccination and veterinary medical records must be present and surrendered with puppy. Buyer is solely responsible for expenses relating to the return of any dog or puppy.

We do not guarantee our puppies against illness brought on by the stress of moving (from our house to yours) shipping, or motion sickness resulting from being transported. This stress can ignite illnesses such as hypoglycemia (sugar drop) or coccidia (dormant in most live animals). We also do not guarantee our animals to be “parasite-free”, as this is an on-going process that, once the animal is out of our control, would be the responsibility of the Buyer.

We will not be responsible for the new owner’s “inability to respond” to the needs of their new puppy.  We assume no responsibility for any illness to other household pets resulting from being exposed to our puppies.  The introduction of a new pet into the household is the responsibility of the Buyer.  This guarantee will become void if it is brought to our attention that an animal purchased from us is being or has been abused.  We may consider lack of proper housing, proper diet, or lack of proper grooming to be forms of abuse.  Should we discover one of our animals being abused or neglected, it is understood and agreed that the dog will be surrendered back to the Breeder immediately with or without the Buyers consent and any expense to bring the animal back to full health shall be the Buyer’s responsibility.

  Taking Your Puppy Home

Leaving the comfort of home, mother and littermates can cause puppies stress.  When visiting the vet, please use common sense.  We recommend you keep your puppy in a crate when visiting the Vet’s office.  Do not let it touch the floor, counters or furniture and most certainly do not allow it to socialize with other animals or their owners. Since people take sick dogs to the Vet, it is one of the easiest places to pick up germs or contract disease.  Find out what vaccinations your puppy has been given before you pick it up and what vaccinations will be due at a later date.

We recommend that you feed only the food previously fed by the Breeder for the first week.  Breeder has been feeding this puppy Diamond Naturals Small & Medium breed puppy kibble. It is imperative that you keep food and water available 24 hours, seven days a week.  Should the Buyer decide to change the diet of one of our puppies, any resulting illness shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer. If you do choose to change your puppy’s food, be sure to feed only a high quality puppy food formulated for your puppy’s weight and size. We recommend that you wait at least one week after taking puppy home to introduce a new food. Mix the new food half-and-half with the food we sent home with you for one week. After one week you can gradually decrease the old food and Increase the new food until the switch is complete.

Take your puppy straight home. Do not take your puppy visiting or to any public places, especially pet stores, until it has adjusted to its new surroundings and its new family. Your Veterinarian may recommend administering a 4th Vaccination for the puppy series vaccines (DHPP or DAPP) Breeder strongly urges to never vaccinate your Maltese with Lepto (leptospirosis vaccine)._________________________ (initials).

Every attempt should be made to cause as little stress as possible to the puppy during the time it is adjusting to its new home. This process can take up to two weeks or longer. Please allow your new puppy to rest and monitor its eating, drinking, urinating & defecating. Do not over exercise your puppy. They are babies and need to settle in and rest. Please be patient and display kindness to your puppy. Positive reinforcement is key!

Bella Dolce Maltese does not consider dogs to be disposable and strive to only place its dogs in permanent homes with responsible owners. This is a serious, long-term commitment to a hardy, long-lived dog breed that when given proper care will give many happy, healthy years of love and joy. Please be very sure it is what you want.

Always Remember!!

  1. Maltese are not natural swimmers and are therefore, not water safe!
  2. Maltese do not need to be “friends” with your neighbors dog. Especially large dogs.
  3. Frogs, plants and certain foods can be poisonous!
  4. DO NOT leave your Maltese unattended on the sofa or bed!
  5. DO NOT allow your Maltese to touch the floor of a Veterinarians office!
  6. NEVER leave your Maltese in a car unattended!
  7. NEVER use a flexi-leash or take to dog parks!
  8. Always feel the cement before walking your Maltese in summer!
  9. Never leave your Maltese outside unattended! Predators and extreme temperatures can kill!

10.Always make children sit on the floor to pet, “hold” or socialize with a Maltese.

  1. Do not allow a Maltese puppy to “play” with a large breed dog!

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