Bella Dolce Maltese

Here is a list of mandatory items you will need BEFORE picking up your new Maltese puppy. Items highlighted in purple should have the link to order:

  1. Nutri-cal Paste. *******
  2. Diamond Small & Medium breed puppy kibble. You can order from Chewy. Start with a 4 lb bag.
  3. Nuvet vitamins Bella Dolce code #765802
  4. Health Extension Treats. Use discount code BELLADOLCEMALTE when ordering from the website. My dogs love the Peanut Butter & Banana. 
  5. Canned Pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling).
  6. 6 panel Iris x-pen (Buy the 4 panel pen with the 2 panel add-on) OR  Seabreeze Petite Pen (I recommend the 18×24  6 or 8 panel
  7. Washable potty pads (Your going to need more than one. Trust me.)
  8. If you prefer to use disposable potty pads, you will need this Potty Pad Holder.
  9. Small crate or Sturdi-pet bag for traveling home.
  10. Waterer   or  Water Float
  11. OR
  12. Feeder or Flat bottom Heavy Pet bowls  
  13. Dog Bed(s). You may want to buy one for your office, bedroom and family room. You can find great inexpensive pet beds at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross or “California Dogs”  –  Please tell her that I referred you!
  14. XXS Harness– As your puppy grows you will need to get a larger size, probably XXS-XS. This one is great too- harness link.
  15. Dog Collar with engraved ID OR  Reflective Collar  OR Identification tags with collar

This is for Hypoglycemia. (These items are good to keep on your pantry shelf should you need them. Most new puppies will NOT need this, but better to be safe than sorry!!):

Oral Syringe

Canned puppy food, such as- Health Extension Canned puppy food. Use discount code: BELLADOLCEMALTE

Karo Syrup

Low sodium Chicken broth.

Maltese Nutrition

Bella Dolce Maltese puppies are currently weaned to Proplan Salmon & Rice puppy kibble.  Please confirm with me that your puppy is on this food before buying it.

Please sign up for dog food recall alerts on one of the dog food websites listed below.

Please go to  Use discount code #765802 when checking out, you will receive a discount (for auto ship orders) and can use this code every single time you order. You can also share this code with your friends and family members! I recommend the Nuvet Canine wafers to start. This is an excellent every day vitamin supplement. 

MALTESE MUST BE ALLOWED TO FREE FEED!! DO NOT FEED YOUR MALTESE 2 MEALS PER DAY! Bella Dolce Maltese does not support this type of feeding and voids portions of the health guarantee. Feeding scheduled meals allows the blood sugar to fluctuate throughout the day. The animal then gorges at meal times causing dogs to become over weight and have health and stability issues.

Always  remember to free feed your Maltese a low protein hard kibble diet that is high in carbohydrates.

Maltese naturally have small livers. The liver is what processes proteins (as well as medications and vaccines!!), so feeding high protein diets will overtax the liver causing poor function. Do not feel the need to “spoil” your dog with leftovers from your steak dinner! Dogs are omnivores and the Maltese diet must be varied and breed specific! They do well with small amounts of proteins and high amounts of carbs! The naturally love grains, fruits and vegetables and will do well with them in their diets! (Please stay away from ingredients that can harm a dog, such as raisins, grapes, onions, or garlic.)

Animals cannot digest corn well. Corn is typically is genetically engineered and often laden with pesticides. Because of these facts, I prefer to feed my Maltese a corn free dog food. Even the expensive dog foods or ones you see at most Vet’s offices may contain corn. The best thing you can do to provide a high quality diet for your Maltese puppy is to do your research on the different dog foods that are available in your area.
I recommend researching different dog food for your Maltese on these websites:

I recommend only feeding your Maltese puppy/dog dry kibble to maintain good dental health. Occasionally, you may need to supplement or entice you dog with some wet food. (We love Fresh Pet over here! We also love Stella & Chewy’s)  But your Maltese puppy’s everyday diet should be a high quality kibble. Toy breed dogs are notorious for getting tartar on their teeth and needing regular dental cleanings, so any way you can help maintain their dental health, the better! Hard kibble helps to scrape the teeth while chewing. Yes, even toothless dogs can eat hard kibble!

Please have puppy kibble and clean water available for your Maltese puppy 24 hours a day until they are a fully matured adult dog. Clean water must be available for all of your pets at all times.

Nutrical Puppy Paste is an important supplement to have on hand when you bring your Maltese puppy home. Puppies, and sometimes adult dogs will go through a transition phase when they transfer from one home to another. When an animal leaves their current home, their litter mates, familiar sounds & smells of their previous home, this can cause stress on an animal. When an animal is stressed or scared, sometimes it will not eat or drink. Be gentle, give your new baby some extra TLC and let them lick some Nutri-Cal off of your fingers as you reassure them. (Force a bit on their tongue if they dont take it willingly! You must give a pea sized drop morning, afternoon and before bed when you first bring your puppy home!)

Your Maltese puppy should always have access to a good quality dry puppy food and clean water. I ‘free-feed’ my puppies. This means I leave food and water down for them 24/7. As your Maltese puppy matures and becomes an adult, sometimes it is necessary to adjust this method of feeding as to avoid letting the animal become overweight.

When your new Maltese puppy first arrives home, you want to monitor its intake and outtake. In other words, what goes in must come out. Your Maltese puppy should be urinating and defecating several times per day. If your new puppy is not producing waste, then it probably isnt eating or drinking either. You will need to encourage your Maltese puppy to eat and drink. Hand feeding is best! Try adding water to the puppy’s kibble to soften it up. Canned or wet food has a strong odor that is enticing to a Maltese puppy. Let the puppy lick some wet food from your fingers as you stroke it and tell your pup what a good dog they are. You can also try offering low sodium chicken broth, boiled chicken breast, Baby rice cereal or Baby food from a jar. If at any time your Maltese puppy acts lethargic, off balance or is salivating, this could mean the puppy has not eaten a sufficient amount and is experiencing hypoglycemia. Encourage eating & water intake and call your vet immediately. Your breeder should discuss hypoglycemia with you before taking your new puppy home.

Hypoglycemia is preventable. It is up to the new puppy owners to know how to handle it. If a new owner neglects symptoms their Maltese puppy’s symptoms of hypoglycemia, it could very well result in death.  A good way to monitor their eating is to count their stool they produce. A 12 week old puppy should be producing 2-3 stools every single day! Keep track of their BM’s! 2-3 stools per day is best for a young pup!

Maltese and Pumpkin
Plain, canned pumpkin is the quickest cure all for loose stool, diarrhea or constipation in dogs. Sometimes when we change our Maltese food too quickly or they get into some human food, it causes intestinal distress and/or diarrhea. By incorporating some plain canned pumpkin with their kibble, your dogs problem should remedy itself overnight!

You can give your Maltese puppy a spoonful of canned pumpkin every day if you choose! The added fiber is not harmful and can benefit their digestion. 

Maltese Containment
You will need to set up a proper space, or den,  for your Maltese puppy. This could be a small bathroom with a baby gate, a baby playpen, an exercise pen,  or a Playyard. I prefer the Iris pet pen. Purchase the 4 panel (35″) with an additional 2 panels.
The main purpose of this space will be to keep your Maltese puppy safe. When you cannot watch your new puppy, they must be in their safe space.

Inside of your Maltese puppys  den, they should always have their bed, food & water at one end (the clean side) and a piddle pad on the other end (the unclean side). Even though the unclean side should always be kept tidy, the two should be separate.  You always want your Maltese puppy to be accustomed to a clean environment. Keeping your Maltese puppy in a clean den, will help support your teaching them their housebreaking skills.

The den area is also a good place to set up a crate to get your Maltese puppy used to being comfortable inside of his crate. A clean crate should always be the cozy, safe spot your Maltese can go to nap or have some quiet time. Crate training is an excellent way to housebreak your Maltese puppy. However, when you first bring your young puppy home, you just want to get him used to the idea of the crate being a neat place to hang out, so leave the door open and he will eventually go in and out of it. I would not recommend beginning crate training until your Maltese puppy is approximately 16 weeks old.

I sometimes leave an open crate in the puppy playpen starting at about 8 weeks of age, which helps the puppy feel comfortable with crate sleeping at a very early age. My Maltese puppies are also accustomed to drinking from water bottles and free feeding dry kibble 24/7.

A Maltese puppy should have access to food and water 24 hours a day.  Always supervise your puppy with any chew toys.

***********Never, ever, use retractable leashes or “flexi-leads”.*********

Maltese Home Grooming

What you will need to maintain your Maltese in a Puppy cut or Korean cut:

Tear free Facial wash (I use Tropiclean)

Soft Slicker brush (I recommend SAFARI brand soft slicker brush)

5″ small greyhound comb

Duz Dryer

Small Nail Clippers 

Nuvet Puppy & Kitten Shampoo (Use Bella Dolce Maltese code #765802 for a discount!!)

Artero Divinity Trimmer or Wahl BravMini

If you are planning on keeping your Maltese in a full show coat you will need to also purchase:

Large Greyhound Comb

Pin brush

5/16 Bands

Rat tail comb for parting. I prefer the steel combs for this.

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner(Use Bella Dolce Maltese discount code #765802 for a discount!!)

I always ask potential puppy parents whether they will be keeping their future Maltese in a long “show” coat or a puppy cut? Why? Because most people fall in love with the gorgeous long coats that they see on show dogs, but have no idea how we actually keep their coats looking like that or what the commitment is to keep it that way. With a long coat you will be expected to brush the dogs coat every single day, bathe & condition it every single week and know how to de-mat the coat should the dog ever get matted. A dog that is matted is a neglected dog! It is inhumane to not only allow that to happen, but to leave it like that! Mats typically start at the joints (shoulders, knees,  armpits, etc) and if permitted to stay on the dog will affect how it is able (or unable) to walk correctly.

If you are unable to be committed to daily grooming of your Maltese, then you will need to consider a puppy cut that can be brushed a few times per week and get a professional grooming every month.

For Maltese with a puppy cut, teddy bear cut or the popular Korean cut, you can follow the following guidelines:

Your Maltese puppy will need to be bathed 2-4 times per month and have professional grooming every 4-6 weeks! Brushing should be done on the dogs entire body a minimum of 2-3 times per week. Be sure to brush the joint and “armpit” areas of the dog thoroughly and look for matting.

I always say, when bathing your Maltese, “If you think you are finished rinsing their coat, then rinse again!” It is important to never leave a residue of product on your Maltese puppy, as this can irritate their delicate skin. New puppies can be bathed anywhere from once a month to once a week. Occasionally, a baby wipe rubbed on the soiled area is all you need to freshen them up. Always take into consideration the weather conditions and temperature when bathing your pet, especially a new puppy. You never want your Maltese puppy to get chilled.

I prefer to bathe my Maltese every week in my kitchen sink. When bathing, only use lukewarm water, being careful to avoid any temperature too warm for their sensitive skin. Always use a tear free, soap free cleanser when bathing around the eye area. I prefer Nuvet Puppy/kitten shampoo (Use discount code #765802) or Tropiclean Spa Lavish Tear Stain Facial Cleanser for the face and head.

On the body of the Maltese, there are several shampoo & conditioner choices, which is very dependent upon what type of coat your Maltese has. I recommend Nuvet Oatmeal shampoo.  (Use discount code #765802) I also occasionally use Herbal Essence Color Me HappyPure PawsChris Christensen, or Petsilk. I usually dilute my shampoo with water to better saturate the Maltese coat. After a gentle lathering, rinse, rinse, rinse!

Dont forget to condition your Maltese’ coat! This aids grooming and gives your baby a nice silky feel! I use the matching conditioner to the shampoo.

I usually tell folks to find a good groomer in their area and have their Maltese professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. Owners can bathe, brush and maintain basic cleanliness at home on a regular basis with some simple bathing in the kitchen sink and drying with their blow dryer.

Always remember to keep your Maltese brushed and mat free! You should brush your Maltese 2-3 times per week, making sure that the joints and ears are mat free. Mats can be painful to a Maltese, so please be mindful of keeping your Maltese puppy in good condition.

“Keeping a Maltese in show coat is like being Rapunzel’s personal stylist!!” ~Kathryn Henzerling

Maltese ear Care

There are many different types of ears in the canine world, but none so troublesome as the lop eared dog. Maltese have a drop, lop or sometimes called a pendant ear, which means the ear leather drops down on the sides of its head. This type of ear carriage is beautiful but must be kept free from moisture for optimal ear health. Maltese are known for their gorgeous flowing long coat, but the inside of a Maltese puppy’s ear can grow some long ear hairs as well! These hairs need to be removed by gently plucking or pulling them out. It sounds awful, but try pulling only a few hairs at a time for the most comfortable way to remove them. Ear powder is helpful for gripping the fine hairs.

As the owner of a Maltese puppy, you want to be sure that the inside of your dogs ears are always dry. Any residual moisture from a bath or playing outside, combined with the heat of their natural body temperature, is a breeding ground for 2 very common canine ear problems. Ear infections and Yeast Infections. You should inspect your Maltese puppy’s ears on a weekly basis to maintain optimal Maltese ear health! The inside of your Maltese puppy’s ear should be a healthy pink & free from debris and dirt.

Some of the problems with a Maltese’ drop ears that you might encounter is ear infections or yeast infections. An ear infection will be warm or tender to touch, have redness, odor, swelling or discharge. Your Maltese may shake its head, rub or scratch the affected ear, whimper or have trouble with balance.

A yeast infection in your dog’s ear may produce odor, as well as a brown, waxy or sticky discharge. Often times, it sounds like there is water in the ear when you manipulate their ear leather. Yeast infections can be common when moisture remains in the ear canal after grooming or when Maltese live in moist climates.

One method for Maltese ear care revolves around a natural cleaner that I have made at home. It has worked wonders for my Maltese as well as my neighbors dogs that have had problematic ears.

Maltese Natural Ear Wash


1/4 cup warm water
  • 1/8 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. boric acid powder
2 drops of tea tree oil
  • 2 drops of DAWN liquid dish soap. (Blue or original formula

Shake the ingredients in a jar or container. To apply, saturate a cotton square that has been folded. Place the saturated cotton square in the ear, fold the ear flap down and and gently rub it in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. 
Use once a day for a week and once a week from this point on to prevent. 
I usually take a clean cotton square to wipe out any remaining moisture or ear gunk.

Always dry your dogs ears thoroughly before allowing the ear leather to drop down. Never use a hot dryer, always keep the dryer temperature on a lightly warmed temperature.

Another wonderful product for the Maltese Ear care is Zymox. The Zymox Otic HC is an exceptional product for problematic Maltese ears. The Zymox brand also has a line of products that are highly suited for maintaining healthy ears in your Maltese baby.

Maltese Tear Staining

Many people ask me how I keep my Maltese dogs faces so white. The bottom line is that all Maltese have tears and thus have some bit of tear staining. Some have more tear staining than others and its best to rule out a few things first.

The ears, mouth and eyes all need to work in a harmonious manner in order to have clear eyes and help avoid excessive tear staining. When a puppy is cutting its adult teeth it will tend to stain much more than when not. Once its adult teeth are completely in, you should have your Veterinarian check to see if there are any retained baby teeth. If so, you should make an appointment for your Vet to pull the retained baby teeth. Overcrowding or excessive teeth can be detrimental to maintaining good Maltese dental health. Always remember to have your Maltese teeth professionally cleaned by a licensed Veterinarian on a regular basis.

Sometimes a Maltese that has changing hormones or going through heat cycles will have excessive tear staining. It is for the health of your Maltese to spay or neuter your dog at the appropriate age. Please consult with your professional breeder and licensed Veterinarian regarding spay & neuter of your pet. Dogs who are unaltered have a tendency to ‘mark their territory’ thus causing problems in house training and making a mess of your home!

Ears must be healthy, clean, pink in color (not red or sensitive/hot to the touch) and free from brown or dark debris. If your dog has dark gunk or debris in its ears, you can bet that your Maltese will also have ear stains. Maltese can easily get ear infections or yeast infections due to excessive moisture.. These 2 common issues can contribute to tear staining. A product called Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone is a wonderful product for problematic Maltese ears. If this product doesn’t work, you may have to go to your vet for a prescription ear medication to clear things up.

Some Maltese owners choose to use antibiotics in their dogs food or treats. Antibiotics can work wonders on tear staining, but this is not for long term use. Different products on the market for tear staining are Tylan or AquaRobe drops.  These antibiotics should only be used anywhere from 1-4 week periods, depending on which drug you use.

Lastly, I like to give my dogs daily probiotics which can also help combat staining.

Now here is the facts on tear stains on Maltese.

    They all have it. White dogs have staining issues. The white coats will get yellow stains from urine and red stains from the PH of their tears. You cant really get away from it. Maltese puppies will stain when they are teething. Maltese puppies wean around 9 weeks of age, which is when the teeth are really starting to come down. (The teeth start earlier but there is a lot of pressure at this age), so that is when the staining really kicks in. The pups start eating more and more kibble, sticking their faces head first into food bowls & water bowls and wrestling around. Around 5-6 months of age, the pup starts teething again when the adult teeth start coming down. This can last up until 7-9 months of age and will really make your puppies face stain.
    Here is my advice: Keep the area CLEAN & DRY! This means daily face washing or cleaning (Try Diamond Eye ) then drying the area with a towel or dryer then packing the area with a mixture of Cornstarch and Fine boric acid powder. Apply with a make up brush.

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